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What is Dragonscale Miniatures about?

Well our main focus is to bring you my fellow miniaturists some new and different hand crafted miniatures. To share our fantasy worlds all of you, and hope that you will share yours too. We like to do things that are least expected in this hobby. To potentially grow this dream to become a local hands on shop, gallery, and studio where you could take some miniature classes.

I would love to hear your questions, comments, and suggestions. What you think I should carry in the shop besides my own original miniatures. Tell me what would keep you all coming back. Would you come if I held classes?

Let me know by emailing me by clicking here.

Christina Pardy

Who is Behind Dragonscale Miniatures?

Hi, my name is Christina, I am the main artisan and owner of Dragonscale who has found her calling in life. This calling to put my artistic skills to work and bring you this website, gallery, and store to share my passion and love for with all of you. Hoping you will do the same.

have been born and raised in the same house just south of Boston, Massachusetts, and recently because of the economy working on my miniatures has become a full time hobby. As of now I am trying to turn Dragonscale Miniatures into a successful full time miniature shop. To help those in the area have access to some dollhouses, miniature accessories, classes and studio to learn learn, and a and gallery to share my miniatures with others. If you want to know about the girl behind the minis - here is the place to look.


Not sure really when I began getting interested in miniatures, as I go along with my mini hobby I notice small things that tell me that I have always been in love with minis. With a great supportive family I was able to express my artistic side growing up and eventually turning it towards miniatures. I have always been the artistic type, and some what of a day dreamer too. But never fail, if I can think it up, I can usually build or draw it. I have a lot to thank my father for, I grew up at my father's side helping him build the house by pounding crooked nails, and helping with drywall paste.

We were always building or making something and being creative. I can remember back when I was about five or six my he helped me build a basic train set, that may have started my love for miniatures, but no doubt my love of Legos fueled this love of building things on a small scale. I could spend hours on telling you about my Legos, I had almost every set from the late 70's to Mid 80's, with a town that filled up a whole room on permanent display... yeah, that could of fueled my passion for all things mini.

Christina Pardy

Although I continuously played with my houses I didn't completely pick up miniatures as a hobby until about 2000. My summer hobby of working on my car took a turn for the worse when I blew the motor of my car. I had parked out in front of the dining room, and I got sick of looking at it, so I went into the basement to start cleaning (no windows there) and I came across two of my childhood dollhouses. That was when I decided that I wanted to build a real dollhouse of my own.

I guess, now that I'm looking back, I got into landscaping back then, sure growing up I had a dollhouse, I can trace my love of dollhouses back to my first trip to Germany when I was only 18 months old and my grandmother's neighbor gave me their dollhouse to bring home with me. I still have that one tucked away. And then there was the one I got at a yard sale up the street, with really crappy wood kit furniture, I played with that one for a long time, bringing it over to my friend's house so our familys could visit each other. She was that friend with the beautiful expensive dollhouse that you always envied (I wish I knew which house it was now). Then I purchased my first kit I built my self at eleven years old. It was a Tiffany, that became a Christmas display. The neighbor's kids came over to play with it more than myself, I always thought it was too small. I still have all of those houses that I keep telling myself I am going to redo. I even bought another Tiffany kit new in the box for my "someday" project.

So that's pretty much how my hobby began. Though In 2004 I decided to enter the contest over at Hobby Builder's supply. I went and bought the Sugarplum, and created it into something magical. Which ended up winning me the grand prize that year. You can check out the photos here.

Midnight in the Secret Garden of the Fairies

Miniature Sculpture

What inspires me to make miniatures is being able to make people smile. When people look at my miniatures and find all the hidden treasures I've put into the details, which makes them smile, and leaving them looking for more things they may have missed. The smiles and happiness that my miniatures bring is the best feeling. I also like photos of other people's work, these inspire me, I like to see what other people have made, and challenge myself to take it those ideas one step further.

I like to build old world rustic houses, castles, towers. I love the style and design in the older houses and castles I've visited in my 8 or 9 trips to my mothers home land. So my thought is if I can't be in Germany I'll bring Germany to me in mini.

I also love building landscapes, I love nature in real life and it great to have you own little garden in your office or home to shed light on the day.

As a Miniaturist I do belong to a few miniature clubs and groups. I am a member of NAME. I'm on the staff over at www.AllThingsMini.com as an administrator, and I am also a member of the "Green Socks on Left Foot On Tuesdays" miniature club (or GSOLFOT for short). GSOLFOT is such an amazing club with amazing miniaturists, both in their abilities and personalities. If you haven't heard of these clubs and groups please please check them out.

Words of wisdom, and advice for those who are new to the miniatures world. A think a few words of wisdom that I may have to share is be patient. Take the little extra time to do the research, maybe a few sketches and measurements, it will help out better in the long run. But yes, most of all be patient, if you don't like how it turned out it doesn't hurt to try it again. And don't be afraid to try new things and practice.

My Life Outside of Miniatures

Outside of miniatures I have one major hobby out side of miniatures and that is my love for vehicles, both cars and trucks. I have a Custom 1980 Cutlass Supreme that I've had for about seven years now. I enjoy doing custom modifications to show and race to it. I also have a Lifted 1988 Chevy Short Bed Pick-Up that I do a lot of four wheeling and fixing. I enjoy everything from building engines to custom dashboards, upholstery, and stereo systems. I belong to the Canton Classic Car Club, and attend local cruise nights to share my enjoyment of these metal beasts with others. When building miniatures I look to my automotive hobby for new ideas, such as the lighting used in the Midnight in the Secret Garden of the Fairies. The blue light is used in car interiors.

Besides my cars I also enjoy motorcycles, boating, fishing, I am an active member at Port Norfolk Yacht Club. I also enjoy working on my patios and real-life sized water gardens and gardens that dot the perimeter of my home. Nature is always a part of me.

Another seasonal hobby which keeps my mini mind open is frequenting the local Renaissance Faire, King Richard's Faire in Carver, MA. There's just something about getting dressed up in my own hand-sewn garb and disappearing into a time long past.


I hope you've enjoyed reading about what makes this Miniaturist tick. If you have any questions or such, feel free to contact me at anytime.

Thank You,

Christina Pardy

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